Just watched a interview on CNN about the disconnect between whites an blacks??? REALLY?????

The disconnect this young African reporter got wrong…. The man made religion the africans picked up to believe while enslaved didn’t save them, then, it didn’t save the Irish, or English or any other group of people enslaved in the name of gods!!!!

I DO NOT SEE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN!!!! the disconnect is because you chose to worship a god an expect miracles when in reality it takes getting off your ass an protest like you are doing now….

Gods DID NOT MURDER YOUR PEOPLE!!!! people murdered each other because of mans god an fears it generates out of nothing but flat out bigotry….

That young reporter an those like her are the problem… they buy into white mans gods an blame their problems on them instead of owning the fact they sold their souls to get into that white mans heaven that does not exist..

I know!!! I died twice at the hands of said white christians an god was not there, nothing was waiting… waiting twice, total an complete nothingness, that is white mans heaven they lied to you about… Slavery never ended, you sold your soul to cover up their crimes!!!!

Want independence an liberty????Take your souls back an dump mans god and live life free of fear, because the white man is terrified of death an truly, let them be terrified….eye for an eye against white mans gods…

I have fought my whole life to be heard an christians on face book an twitter shut me down because they are guilty of crimes against humanity an do not want people like me who know the truth of mans god to speak… so…

Your vote is your voice, be heard or expect a much uglier America because of christians an all religions that worship idols an not the earth we live on….


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