Next Time… Will you??? I dare you….

About 10 years ago, I got fed up with crap and religion, yada, yada, yawn…. so what did I do about being fed up with the racism and bigotry in America???

I used my voice… On EVERY government form or questionaire I filled out that asked my ethnic or religious beliefs…. this is what I put and guess what, hubby is doing it too….

Race: Human

Religion: Human Race who whorship one god…. Earth

I don’t identify with labels that people need, just so they have a way to control who I am….

I don’t need Romes made up god to know that life started on this planet by pure dumb luck and we are made of star dust… or you wouldn’t need minerals to have a healthy body….

I don’t need people telling me what is right or wrong…. religion has destroyed more human lives and animals than any war and that can be proven….

I don’t need the warm fuzzy feeling that religion promotes in a guise to control the family dynamic….

I don’t need to be blessed, given good vibes or thoughts or prayers….


Because I believe in myself and my brain and my abilities to know the difference between right and wrong… and know I don’t need recognition for all the good I have done…..

My life reflects my values, does yours???

Ironic, even though this site is protected, someone has already taken from my writings and made money off them….

Greed, the one thing the bible couldn’t control… greed and dominance… and I know, from my own abilities… they will be found out….not a threat… Feds have already paid me over a million in the last twenty years and no lawyers involved… just little ole me…I don’t like being fucked with… smiling emojis….. lots

Rain… warm muggy rain, but quiet… we have had so many people up and down Makuu street, doing the BOOM BOOM BOOM so loud, our house actually vibrated… yep Aloha, like christians, just another con…

Have a great day….

Margie, I remember….

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