Life Orientation Test… are you a half empty glass???

Just for grins an giggles… Whats your number???

I was reading an article that says negative thinkers who ruminate about the past an old wrongs are at higher risk of dementia… uh these yahoos that wrote the dementia paper need a reality check….

I have had 2 recent MRI/MRA of my brain… I am 66 years old an the past is all my brain has worked on since it was stolen by christians… an no protein deposits on my brain showing dementia or MS or any other neurological disorder, yet the past is what I have lived for 66 years….

So I dowloaded this test that is suppose to tell ya if you are a half empty or half full kind of peep… So have fun with it, take its results with a grain of salt an just live life, knowing man an woman are king an gods are man made… enjoy your evening…


Click to access LOTR_Scale.pdf

Margie, I remember….

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