Hey protestors… you aren’t the only one being shut down or shut up…. and I ain’t black… just saying….

Last year when Google, Face Book & Twitter shut me down... my traffic on my blog sight was in the thousands, as were the views…

So I went from thousands of visitors to….

38 Visitors a month.… after those above web platforms shut me down for telling the truth…. and then it happened…

Trumpie got upset and twitter got exposed and all of a sudden...I had 400 visitors in a matter of days…and

You can find Adorable Spite Atheist on the internet…

Wasn’t that way in Jan or Feb or March or April…. of 2020 but when Trumpie exposed what was happening…. all of a sudden….

You can find me…. and african Americans think they are they only one discriminated against or raped or murdered or denied simple human basic rights….

Well guess what butter cups… this white girl has been beaten to death by christians… she has been raped by christians and she has been silenced by white people who run google, twitter and face book….

So, while you are out thier protesting… be aware…. skin color don’t mean squat to our government or the owners of these platforms...

Control does… being a god or dictator and making the world in their image is what this is all about…

I will say it again… My DNA is over half a million years old!!!! Yet, black I am not and I have experienced everything ugly that can happen to a human… because of one thing….

White Man’s Religion!!!!

Sgt USAF DAV I Remember… Margie, who white people shut down because of the truth…..

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