Change takes more than Protest….

Where were you, when a child was strangled to death, because of her older brothers actions, messing with her sister who was younger and developed… but Margie paid… 1 life taken, how many more left....

Where were you, when a child was born, concieved while the husband was at war… and that child cost Margie her life, because Margie fought to protect that child and that child in turns violates my child…. 2nd life taken, how many more left….

Where were you, when a woman entered the Air Force, not aware that a stroke and traumatic brain injury had occured in 1967 and she had already died twice… 1977 but she served, with a broken body… she served and was gang raped in that uniform….

Where were you, when a veteran on the opertaing table, tells the gas passer nurse 2011, you want to wake up and see El Paso one more day, and they herniate my neck and cut off my airway…. raped again, out of uniform….

Where were you, when I begged for someone to hear me, after the VA gave out my social security number and false collections were on the credit companies list, that were never mine, that made Fox news in El Paso….

Where were you, when I got on FB & Twitter and accused them of censorship and violating our most sacred right…. Free speech and google got on board too….

Where were you???? I can ask that kind of question all day and I know the answer…

Those in power are playing god, just so they can own you….

You can’t fix stupid….

If someone ever goes back an looks at my blog, and has a brain attached when looking, they will see…. the proof is there….

Change will only come about, when reality of life starts your day… and not mans gods that are willfully destroying our democracy and humanity….

#TimesUp #MeToo #WhyIDidntTell….. not one person from those places ever reached out to me… why???

Because the truth isn’t what they are seeking… they are seeking someone to blame and you can’t blame someone, when religion is the true evil and corruption destroying our humanity and democracy....

Truth has value… but like all words… You have to value the words and the humans that made them….


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