You knew the words were Evil when you said them … an….

Watching ABC news an dance moms interview an how that bitch profiled a African child…. funny, when I see the child, that is all I see…. No color… Just a child, what do you see???

As a survivor of christians brutality….. bigotry is just expected, they are so afraid of that closet of theirs getting opened they act like Trump or Kavanaugh or Graham or Mcconnell…. funny these men are all christian an are having one hell of a time “fucking America”…. hows that feeling????

When you say words, write them or publish them… YOU KNOW YOUR MEANING THE MOMENT THEY LEAVE YOUR LIPS…. but christians have a different take on words…Trump does that double talk daily an very poorly… the rest are muffled with their heads up Trumps ass….which is why they are largely ignored…. head up ass makes for a messy mouth…

Your vote is your voice be heard or never tell us you didn’t vote, I have a size seven just for those kinds of ass’s…….


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