Roosters have no Aloha…neither do Trump or Christians…

Why start crowing before 4AM??? Is it something about Hawaii or is its internal clock broken or better yet…. The damn rooster spends its time watching FOX news an after a couple hours starts crowing screaming about Trump an company…Liar liar pants on fire….

FOX news an Trump an his creep christian base are the roosters of the world….

Lying about sunrise at 4AM, when its pitch black out an pouring… yep that would be FOX, Trump an christians saying it’s daylight when its dark as midnight…

Liars never prosper an have no problem throwing you or your gods under the bus, to prove its daylight when in reality it is as dark as a coal mine….

Your vote is your voice, be heard…. VOTE!!!

Sgt USAF DAV, I hate roosters 😂😈😇

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