On a Different Note….

I noticed it a few weeks ago and figured it was just an old injury from when I saved my son’s life in the river on Japan and hit that boulder with the right side of my body… that bruise on my hip, was bigger than a basketball… and colorful….

But that isn’t the cause… the injury in the river, just brought the original injury forward….

In 1985 they sent me to Trippler Army hospital on Hawaii… and this was after 2 years of radio active isotopes being put in my body every few months and x-rays taken, showing my bone was modeling and it shouldn’t have been… I had no injuries that I knew of… I had no arthritis and I didn’t have a orthopedic disease… but I had issues…. and those issues showed up in our mile walk, thus the confab…. I had been out of the military 2 years by now…

On Japan, when they were trying to figure it out… No ONE sent me to neurology… nope it was all general medicine or orthopedic or Rheumatologist… not knowing about the beatings, put me through a lot of unnecessary painful tests and procedures… thanks mommy dearest….

By the time the Yokota AFB idiots got done with me, I had lifts on my right shoes to even out the walk that had become lopsided, I limped, okay…..

Well after the Air Force ruined all my shoes, I threw them all away, because I knew they had it wrong, I just didn’t understand why….

I do now… I get why Trippler was incompetent and why they will never touch me again and I get why the Air Force was negligent… shut her up and get her out of our hair…. that was 1987 when they sent us back to America…

33 years later and avoiding VA death care…. I finally got answers, through no help from the federal system that is suppose to be taking care of me…

I figured it out…. How???

Because…. I remember….. I remember every beating, every hateful word Freda said and how Peggy was the tattle tale from hell….. I remember how David became a child that became a man he is not proud of…. I remember how a brother I let live with me, stole tens of thousands from me and I remember…. a sister touching my child in such a way, she would have gone to jail and I remember… how the youngest took my inheritance to impress his christian wife…..

I remember….. and boy howdy I wish I didn’t… but life doesn’t give us that option unless you buy into gods and live the life of a christian… then you can lie, steal and cheat… and when that doesn’t work… you can kill… just like my birth family did….

An big brother, you should have talked that day in Washington… you had a chance an showed me… she owned you, like she owns the rest of the children she gave birth too….

Slavery in the guise of motherhood and christianity….. an blacks think they are the only ones… what bigotry…

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember….. ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!!

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