C5-6 & Stenosis, what’s up with the head heat???

After the near deaths in Alabama & Texas… my next adventure into being beaten was on Japan about a year after the Texas near death and that beating changed things….

I complained to the neurologist about how my head heats up like a space heater and it’s not hot flash’s… did those in my 20’s thanks to the Air Force sterilization…. and I had these hot heads before they took my reproductive organs… so what’s up with that???

I think I know… the herniation of C5-6….. We know that I was probably shaken as a baby and we know that from photo evidence I was beaten from my head to my feet…. so what’s that got to do with a hot head????

Neurology knows… It has to do with the nerves in my neck running into my brain and today, when out hanging clothes and the temps feel like 86 with a wet blanket on you in sun light… I didn’t fold onto the ground… I hung the whole basket of clothes…. something I struggled with before my neck made that breaking sound a few months ago….

Neuro asked me some questions when I brought the subject up, so I know it’s related to the nerve damamge and the disc damage in my neck… something I have lived with since Don Bagwell beat me to death at 13 years old, because his wife had an affair an they were fighting over the baby that wasn’t his….

Regardless, my neck is in place and I doubt it is still herniated… I got a feeling that breaking sound hubby and I both heard coming from my neck, probably a disc shattered or along that line… I can feel the compression in my spine and neck and it’s not getting better, which is why I decided to do the PT, starting in a few days… I need help…..

I’ve lost a lot of sensation, for pain… the surgeon I saw a couple days ago, knows this, I’m the only patient he has had, that didn’t asked to be knocked out for extractions… I did the job, I know how little pain their really is… it’s all mental… now those implants… those have me freaked…

Reason for confab… Don hit me on Okinawa… about a month or two later I had a incident at Suicide cliffs and the poor guy I was dating had to carry that 110 pound kid up those steps, because her body wasn’t going to walk it one step back up… and Don had hit me from left to right on the face and knocked me several feet across the room from his right… I got a feeling, that is what took my memories and made basic training obstacle course a little difficult and caused the start of the chronic fatigue associated with that kind of nerve injury…

Christians… you sell your humanity to get into a heaven that doesn’t exist…

I faced death twice…. there is nothing, nada… zip zero…. it’s truly the end, but my spirit hadn’t left my body, so, in that aspect….

Who knows…

Margie, I remember…..

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