Aloha Bangers going strong…

Bangers…. boom, Boom, BOOM!!!! has been entering our home for four straight years….

ALOHA is a myth… we pay our taxes an mortgage, but Hawaiians insist on occupying space in my home with boom, BOOM BOOM BOOOM!!!!!

For ALOHA to be real, or Black lives matter, has to have value in more than protest or rape of Mary, mother of mans god…..made magical because man said so???

Until reality is accepted an laws enforced an all are equal….

There will be many more George Floyds…..

Bullys drive vehicle’s that blast noise into our homes….

Bullys are cops who think sitting on a human isn’t attempted murder….

Bully’s are presidents who threaten the very people he works for….

Bullys are the people who insist the rape of Mary was magical, so made her child a god….

Bully’s rule our world because of mans fear of facing the music for the crimes they commit, so they make up a god to control YOU by….

Your vote is your voice in America… Be heard, VOTE….or expect slavery to mans man made god….


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