Wow, holy crap wow…edited

Who knew a operation on the VA operating table would cause PTSD…but it did….

When I started bouncing off walls an my neck hurt like no tomorrow I went to see the VA doctor an he gives me STEROIDS!!!

The VA has consistently tried to kill me an hey, after christians tried twice… I got six more lives after the VAs fuck up…

Hubby remembers my hitting walls an being given steroids so I could drive an function….makes sense they worked, my neck was big time inflamed after those yahoos doing anesthesia, and I told them I wanted to wake up an they almost made sure I wouldn’t an covered up the crime…

Explains why chief of medicine lied an why the acting director of the El Paso VA was wetting her panties over the phone…they were banking on me not remembering…boy are they in for a rude awakening…

After Trump an corrupt GOP are out, I will file new IG complaints an try an get national attention, but I am not a man needing pills for a hard on… we will see what comes of the IG complaints, those I am very good at. The government is very good at covering things up or haven’t you noticed the Gop an Trump in action???

Just wow how this edectic memory works, it played out in my dreams as if it was yesterday an not Nov 2011… just tickles me pink I gots such a good brain even though christians tried to shut it down repeatedly, I will become their worse nightmare… True dat…


Margie I remember…..

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