Whoopee on this morning PTSD nightmare…

One thing for sure, Neurology had some of this right… My memories are coming back in spades, clubs, yada, yada, yawn…

But who knew having surgery at the VA could cause PTSD… Obviously it did, or I wouldn’t of had the nightmare at 3AM… an I was sleeping oh so somewhat….

I knew before that surgery I had photographic memory, is the layman’s term and everything I have read… backs that up and with what I have been remembering since the trigger in Nov 2017…. just wow… and I mean just wow…

It’s not like I lost my whole life… no, just bits and pieces… consistent time lines, etc….

I’m researching, trying to find something that points to memory loss and steonsis, be it cervical or spinal, is that right… to early in the morning to be writing…

All that crunching sounds I have heard since I was a teenager… all those dizzy spells and no explanantion… medications upon medications that just made things worse and no one wanted to listen… instead they blamed me and even put it in my VA medical records… geez, would any of them pass a polygraph… probably not… just saying… but I would.. oh boy would I love to take them on and take them down… oh please someone let me… please….

All I have read… it’s about exercise and strengthening the muscles to hold my skeletal in place, what I’ve been doing my whole life and not doing half of them right, because I didn’t know what was wrong… that’s all changed...

I told hubby, after PT called, I’m getting this medicare thing… I’ve been using it off an on since 2011, after the VA operated on my leg… so, I’ know I will get a call from doc for the blood test, they just have to verify it can be done, if it’s covered and what it will cost me… it’s not like they are doing implants tomorrow, so time is on my side… but that Melisa test will be done, before any metal is put in my body….

I wanted…. I needed motivation to exercise… remembering the El Paso near death… that was it… I want to make sure my neck stays in place… keep those muscles strong… I so hate exercise….lol

All I have left to fight, the corruption of the VA system and with Trump in charge and the GOP so corrupt, that fight will be a couple years in the making… if I pursue it…

All I know of right now and in the future… VA death care will not touch this veteran ever again…

All my health care will be through medicare and if that means, saving money for procedures, so it don’t bankrupt us… so be it… but….

At least I’ll be alive….

Going to be a hot muggy day on Hawaii…. AC going on in a couple hours when that sun hits… right now… it’s just passing 6AM… thank you PTSD nightmares and the brain to figure this nightmare out….

Sgt. USAF DAV, I’m coming for you El Paso VA Acting director and Chief of Medicine… start saving money now… because I want you both in jail….

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