Sleep, nope memories…

I awoke with a slow realization, what happened on the El paso operating table…it got documented in my VA records, because of the symptoms…

After the leg surgery, I would get so dizzy, I bounced off walls in our house, an it would back off… an just before we went to be with hubbys dad his last 6 months, VA doc at El Paso put me on steroids, because I had to drive from New Mexico to Washington state an that was not going to happen with the severe dizziness I was living with…yep, my neck was herniated by those yahoos on the operating table an recovery was my proof, if they documented it..

Yep El Paso VA provided the evidence in my VA records…. Malpractice an attempted murder or second degree assault in Texas…. Lawyers will touch male vets pro bono for not getting appointments with VA health care, I have proof they tried to kill me an lawyers turn a blind eye…

And you tell me christians give a rats ass for women’s rights an I have a bridge in the middle of the pacific for sale..

Sgt USAF DAV…Trump is hell bent on destroying America an enslaving women…. bite me fuckers…. or better yet, let me at you…

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