Rich man tax cut an we lose Troops….

Want to watch a nation be divided an sold bit by bit????

Tune into America……

Rich mans tax cut has to be paid for an where do you take from first??? Defense of America…..

Been done under other presidents, but those dudes didn’t have a Pandemic an stupid out demonstrating during it an they didn’t have multiple natural disasters during that presidency, an they didn’t decimate the agencies put there to handle such issues an they didn’t play god or king….

Trump an his court of GOP senators an representatives are paying homage to the man…Trump… just so you….can take my reproductive rights….

The George Floyds of America are not the only victims, so is every man, woman an child destroyed because of mans god, produced from rape….

Until that demon religion an man made gods are taken out of the picture, you kids, adults an anyone can protest until that fictional hell freezes over, which will be never….

Your voice your vote, show up, not checked out!!!


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