Liberation comes in many forms…

To survive in a christian home from hell, you are either smart enough to deal with all the trauma or you turn into one of them….

I guess I was smart enough to deal with the trauma, because out of 7 kids my mother had…

I’m the one she has always had zero control… she tried, oh lordy did she try, up until November 2017 Thanksgiving day and that is the day the lights went out in Arkansas….

What transpired after that, has insured that since that date and telling my oh so close NOT sister, where to go…. I haven’t heard one word from the people who beat a little girl to death more than once and got off on it, so once wasn’t enough…. and that is a very True Story… George Floyd has nothing on me, I already saw that darkness twice… to this day, I can’t stand anything close or on my neck… thanks mommy… those hand prints are indeliable…. in that picture…

The news got to be too much and I turned it off… I can’t take anymore…

I’ve lived those lives, I face death and I faced rape and did it all before the age of 14…. so yea, to me the news is just a repeat of yesterday… everyone wants change, but don’t want to get off their ass and work for it… We did and Trump undid it all in less than 4 years….

Memories, today, so many memories…. again, memory loss is not straight forward and you really do need professional help… I had me… and that’s not going to help you….

Hubby and I were discussing IQ’s and the fakeness of the numbers…

We both agree, mine was probably up in the 160 or higher before brain injury and since that first brain injury happened over the boob incident… I was only 8 years old and a subsequent brain injury at 13…. wow, but I survived… I did then what I do now… Work it out, look from all angles and out comes and take the route that will work to achieve the goal I set before me… did that to survive in that house and come out sane with my soul still attached and I would say I succeeded…..

My siblings… couldn’t forgive themselves, so they sold their souls to get into a man made heaven that doesn’t exist and mommy knows I know… that is why she is so afraid of death and oh my is she ever so afraid………….

George Floyd’s legacy is probably not the one he imagined, I kind of think he would have liked to see his baby girl grow up…. but he will go down in history, with the names of many others whose lives were cut short, because of white pasty men, playing god, because gods are nothing more than men….they bleed….but act like gods….

Margie, I remember……

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