Tachycardia note…

So, stopped most of the supplements neuropathies want you to take, even if it’s myelopathy, which it likely has been for years, if not decades…. that said, the tachycardia has gone back to what it should be… does it when I get cardio going….

Who knew supplements could cause tachycardia??? I did, but getting the doctors to listen has been the struggle… college educated does not make smart, it just means you passed tests an anyone can do that….

Down to Folate, Biotin, CoQ10, Krill, Bioastin, calcium an multi vit….there is a whole list they want you to take when you have extensive nerve damage… if I am allergic to metals an minerals, the same will be for supplements… why??? What do you think they consist of???? We do have schools right????

We are hot already on Hawaii, but milder than usual… AC estimate next week… If we have to stay here till it is safe to move, I plan to be comfortable…..

The blown flap in my throat put a stop to yelling Thank you for the Aloha as bangers drive by…. Hoping the yahoo’s moved or took another route…

Going to be a beautiful day…. Want a safe vacation spot, big island with lots to do, an a mild hurricane season… come see the islands when quarantine is over….


I remember….

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