Will Change Come???

Spit upon as he exits the plane, back in 1970…

He just saw a year of hell on Vietnam an all he wanted….hug his mom an dad…. a war he didn’t volunteer to fight, but was told too….

That veteran died by suicide within a couple years of returning to America… He gave all on the fields of Nam…. an left the shell at home….six feet under….

He fought for his freedoms, an I too swore that oath to serve an protect… an we know how that story goes….

Equality is a right… NO ONE is better than me an I am no better than you… but…always that but…. religion teaches you that isn’t truth, in their eyes….

You chose… each choice we make, sit on couch or join a civics group… play pool or march in protest against brutality…. or

Stay silent as a veteran is publicly censored, by platforms; saying as owner of the platform I am god?!?!?!?!?!

Now its your turn, to live in the shoes of that veteran who was spit upon, just for wearing a uniform he was ordered to wear…. just as this writer was silenced….

So America… where are your marching orders for Trump an his corrupt religions????


or will you continue to Hitlers styles???

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