So much for searching my blog…

The stuff I put out there with pictures is no longer in the blog…I just searched for them an, no clue If I did it or someone else took all that out….

Just A FYI to the yahoo that did do this… I downloaded my blog a while back and I know for a fact, those files are encrypted on my PC…. an that info about Twitter an Face Book should be in that download…

So was that what was happening, when I had to repeatedly sign in??? to this site, my own blog, when I never signed out???

Much about stuff has changed since I worked, but stupid, naw, even with dealing with the mess I put safeguards in place…I’ve dealt with corrupt christians before….

So the info about Twitter an FB are no longer on the blog…. doesn’t matter to me…. government made me sterile at 25 years old…what they do to you after you give up your rights to get into its man made heaven, will cost you much more….

Busy day ahead unpacking supplies… spent more on dog meds an our supplements than we did on food… ran out of everything….

Aloha… sorry about the twitter an fb files, I gots them, just not public….

I remember…..

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