Is Trump the 21st Century Benedict Arnold???

Ya know, I am so tired of what is happening in America….I imagine I am not alone, as I listen to Erin Burnett on CNN….

So tired of “Duck an cover”…. Take down “That Wall”, as Trump an his christians put up another?!?!?!?!

I am sick of “Rape of a child”, glorified in religion…. Rape is rape…not magic….

I yearn for the world my pilgrim ancestors looked for when they stole from the natives… religion, condemned them all along, take an prosper, Amen so says mans god…. Lives stolen an treated as not human…. Not one color of skin on this planet has evaded slavery… NOT ONE SKIN COLOR…

And we have a congress hell bent on taking my rights as a woman to chose if I believe if life starts with a heart beat… I died twice, it does not… the brain is life, only the brain….

I wrote when I started this blog of what is happening now….

I told you an the platform owner’s of goggle, face book an twitter decided what you should know… I didn’t lie… TRUMP did, repeatedly … christian owners brainwashing you an boy did they ever succeed….

Margie, I remember…..

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