Floating Effect… oh boy???

Did you know we arrived on Hawaii in 2016 and I had lost a good portion of my life… not the essence or reality of my life, but gaps in my memory and I fought… damn I fought the VA and lost…. so when we got to Hawaii, I went any direction I could for health care…. one year, no health care or medications…. second year medicare was used and my senator got involved and I got Triwest for the VA… and got told last year Triwest was no more and I went back to medicare and had my cataract surgeries done… and now am told Triwest is in affect and I said…. bite me… in my mind… I just said no thank you…..

My dental, we can’t afford… and I am 100% disabled veteran, so they owe me… raped in uniform… very tired of being raped out of uniform….

That being said… medicare is not that bad and I have a say and the VA has no business being involved, because they aren’t paying for it… I am… again that being said… all health care but dental… The VA is out of the picture…

So when we arrived here, I was struggling and by the time I got my memories back after those murders in Sutherland Springs, Texas… it’s been a journey to understand the symptoms I have lived with my whole life….

One of those symptoms is the floating feeling… and I never got what it was, why it happened or what triggered it…

When I bend over, to say, do dish’s or brush my teeth… if I move in a certain way, I quit breathing… and I start to float… in other words, my whole life, I’ve been cutting off my airway, because christians beat on a little child…. so over the sighs… how about a million cuss words instead in every language!!! just a FYI, I do know many, in several tongues… lol….

The floating feeling is something I’ve been aware of, since childhood… how early in childhood… Wow, that’s a tough one…. Remember… I am just now working my way back from Texas, when I died, through the boob incident beating, the TV beating and there is more… so much more they did to that little girl…. so pathethic are bullies that are christian….

Look at Trump…

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember… Margie… as she weeps… such a little child they beat upon… no wonder Trump is winning at tearing our nation apart… all in the master plan of dominance over women….

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