She started shaking…

Before his arrival, before he walked in the door, the first symptoms of IC started, because of the rape months earlier…I was 12 years old…

I heard from the bed an knew, she was putting on the act of a lifetime an she had a panic attack….

Do you know that back in the day, they locked you up for a minimum of 3 days… They sent her home that day… Panic attacks are Not Nervous Breakdowns.. now you get it… by the age of 12 I already knew psychology by just being self aware, an she knew, I knew the truth an would have to remedy that, like she did during the strangulation on the boob incident…

Memories like the cobwebs of my mind… Will someone please turn the damn switch off, its in over drive on remembering an I am remembering… BEFORE TEXAS AN TBI!!!!! EUREKA!!!!

Today an everyday is a gift from the only god earth has ever had…Mother nature, our home, … earth….

Margie, I Remember…..

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