When It Happens, It’s… Creepy… & Spooky….

Memories, like the corners of my mind… ever loving memories…. please go away….. don’t really know the song… but that’s where the brain is at…. seems this morning is all about memories and I missed most of the news as I relived a couple years on Okinawa…. granted it probably was only half and hour or so… but I lost time this morning, as Margie became Maggi…. on Okinawa….

Time line, the time line is the most confusing thing with Traumatic Brain injury… and yes, we know, from MRI’s and nuclear bone scans… my head was a punching bag for christians…. but how much did the brain take???

I told hubby about a memory and It dawned on me, Don lied to get off Okinawa after he struck me the last time… he lied and got an humanitarian re-assignment… just a fyi… the person he got that for… lived another 15 years… so yep, now I get were my kid learned the con… from his granma and granpa, the christians who thought they were smart…..

Don’s death watch was anything but pretty and I would say, he suffered and was humiliated those last couple weeks… Wonder if Freda’s will be the same… life gets even, all you got to do… Watch…..

Permanent memory loss is not normal… How much loss I have that is permanent, is unkown… to a point… I do know what I’ll never remember… so does hubby and that secret will go to the grave or be in a book I write to be published after death…. one secret, that gives me no solace, but does give me some peace….

What I remembered this morning, was good memories… of people I met, who were going to a war we didn’t want to be in and so many of them didn’t come back…. I think of those boys that had to become men, because of America’s choices… much like what Trump is doing now… Methodically killing Americans…..

Memories, sometimes that are good… most of the time they are not…

I had no close siblings as a child… If you got attached, who knew if they would survive till tomorrow… closeness… 6 brothers and sisters and I know none of them….

It’s a beautiful day on Hawaii, only one banger this morning… why do they enter my home??? Why do they have a right and I don’t??? Why do they disrespect my service???

Yep questions I ask, no matter where I live and the answer… we are a me society, because of gods and idols…. just that simple… until you cast away those anchors… you’ll never be aware of the humanity around you….

Self awareness is growth… most humans prefer to be led, like sheep… not looking to pretty on the streets of America, as those sheep destroy it because of Trump and his base…. I didn’t vote for the morons in the Gop or White house… I voted for people who have humanity…. I haven’t seen any of that from the GOP or White House….

Your voice….be heard…. Vote….

Margie, I remember Sgt. USAF DAV

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