Nature weeps….

Her tears fall gently upon the night, her eyes twinkling in the starlight’s….

Nature weeps as her children cry out… they are human, an still need trials….

Gently she spins her world so small, gavity balanced for the frailest of all, natures humans…

The humans are tribal an easily manipulated, they need idols an gods an have forsaken their mother…. nature…

She groans in the night, restless is her slumber…. the earth is angry at humans behavior, an nature weeps…

The night grows darker an the voices grow… arms an legs will they bend… hate each other is upon the land, an nature weeps….

She looks to the leaders an sees, they desire her gold, caring not for the life she nurtured so long…

I hear her song, this keeper of the flame, I hear her woes as humans claim that flame….. how long will nature sleep, before she seeks rightful revenge???

Margie, I remember…..


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