Accepting my Reality…. yipeeeeee???

Hubby off to do errands, because my exposure just got real… dental and physical therapy 4 times a month… dental surgeries and more… yep, I’ll have a few people breathing on me… oh yea..

I’ve been unpacking box’s… something I have been putting off since I learned the stenosis diagnosis…. Each box holding many memories….

All my polymer clay supplies are boxed, think I found everything….

Most of my sewing stuff is boxed, even threw in some books and loads of patterns…. but machine and it’s parts… those I need to repair stuff…

Canning… got all my canning together, books, pan, all the stuff you need, except jars… those we use to store pot… best way to keep the mold out and foreign taste….

I have electronics, but likely not going to be able to do more than repair hubby’s computer and see if the AllnOne, is just the power switch, which they are notorious for… now that I got eyesight, most the time and real internet… fix those machines an see what to do with them… even have a printer that I need to fix… never been trained on any of this, just programming… but, I’ve not needed any tech help in years…. yep me brain is back… as I straighten up an take pressure off my neck…. yuck…

Threw in all my knitting and other supplies like that…

As for my keyboard, once I’m done with this mess, will set it up and see if I can play without pain… If I can’t… We will be watching the request this christmas for something like that and donate it… it’s just shy and full piano set… and awesome sound effects and, just a fun electronic keyboard… it’s nice, or I wouldn’t have bought it… guess all that sheet music would be appreciated too…

I’m down to tech toys and jewelry making and photography….. photography is an issue, the camera is heavy for me now…. sigh… what grandkid is deserving of that nice toy….. beyond sighs….

I do the exercises, I lift weights and yea, externally it shows… not getting any younger looking… but areas are tightening and I held the cast iron skillet in my left hand for 30 seconds in the air, before I wanted to drop it… so progress, just not in finite movement… that’s been leaving me for a while….

So someone will be a happy camper when they hit the Habitat store in Hilo…

We never give away junk…. that gets recycled… but nice stuff, that I would buy… Habitat always gets it… you can’t live in peace if you don’t have a roof over your head… that’s the beginning of the end of domestic violence…. Security… a place to lay your head…

Well, time for a break… hubby will have numerous box’s for Thursday, when he goes to town….


Margie, I remember…..

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