Its not just black lives….

I can’t watch Floyd be murdered anymore…..

I lived this horror at the hands of christians, starting at birth….

Black lives, white, brown, yellow!!! Im a child of the Congo an white as the moon!!!!

This is not just about color….ITS about justice against a warped christian religion that rapes children, beats children an sacrifices children….

You can not have god laws an laws of the land…they have never coexisted!!!!

Anarchy is what Trump an his base want… the Koch brothers bought DC, now they want you to pay for it….

Religion has caused more wars an conflict, because of the con upon which it is built….. Mary was raped… Holy is just a word and faith has never included humanity, its an exclusive club for those who want control over YOU…..

You voice is your vote…

Think I will shop for a church to convert into my den sin of iniquity….. bet great acoustics…..

Nighty night…. Aloha

Margie, I Remember…..

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