Boing!!! There went my back, almost….

You know you are getting old, when you ask at noon is it bed time yet…… and we still have more to do… but too hot outside in the sun for us… so inside working on trying to find a home for everything I unpacked, bent over an felt that….. BOING feeling at the small of my back and I did something I’ve never been able to do since the beating on Japan…. I tightened muscles or whatever in my lower back and upper thighs…

The exercise works… what the PT kids taught me work and this is like a big huge eureka moment because???????? aw come on guess….

I never had the proper treatment after any of the beatings or near deaths… by the time I was 15 years old, my body was already into full blown neuropathy beginnings…. christians beat me up numerous times and stole my life, or at least they thought they did….

Neaner, neaner…… so you explain how I beat the odds??? Miracle… Not likely… How about the human spirit, which no one owns, not even man made gods…

So, todays moments and the trouble I’m having with my neck, looks like PT again and how am I going to deal with people breathing down my throat for this dental mess the VA created and some one breathing on my face as they work my neck….

If I don’t end up sick…. I gots me a million devils on my shoulders….. just saying the obivous for those who believe…. sorry couldn’t resist… oh yes I could have…

Yep this myelopathy that I’ve had now for a couple of decades, has progressed and hopefully the kids can teach me more….

Back to making my tempura dinner for fish and veggies… yummy….


Margie, I remember…..

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