A Gift, 43 years ago… I never forgot him…

When I got pregnant in Italy and had complications… we didn’t have much money… so when we made my air fair arrangements… my son, would sit on my lap through all legs of the trip, back from Italy to Sacramento…

By the time I got to my layover stop going to Sacramento… I had maybe $10 in cash… in 1977 that was a lot of money, truly…

When I checked in for my flight, I was denied… I had to have a seat for my son… Exhausted, several months pregnant, dealing with a toddler, I broke down and said… I don’t have $25 for the ticket… and the man refused to get a supervisor or anything… I was stuck…. but was I????

A man overheard what happened and he said, young lady, I will pay for your son’s ticket… I tried to give him my few dollars, but he refused… and said he hoped someone would do the same for his kid some day…. that was in the spring of 1977….. one memory I never lost….

I asked for the gentleman’s name and address and said I would ask my son’s father to repay him… I was broke, no income and hoped that the child I was pregnant with had a honorable father…. so I trusted… and didn’t bother to keep the information for myself… because I just knew my baby’s Air Force daddy was honorable… He never paid the man…. again another memory I didn’t lose….

I remember when I got to Sacramento and told Peggy and her hubby what happened and introduced them to the family and man who helped me and Pegs offered to pay him back right then and there… she still had some values back then… I declined… It was my responsiblity and one I failed at….

I never forgot the kindness of one man in the world of men who have tried to destroy me, I met one that was good… I always have thought and sent positive thoughts to that soul… and hoped that his life was as good and kind as he was to me….

A memory 43 years old…. I wish I could meet that gentleman again… his lesson is one I have done ever since for 43 years… Pay if forward… I’ve lost hundreds of thousands in the process… but in the end… I did what was right, not what was smart…

Greed is a christian thing, one I’ve never understood… they talk alot, but they don’t walk it…

Margie, I remember…..

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