Zuckerberg excuse, he became a christian because he screwed his FB Buddies….


Zuckerbergs excuse is atypical as people are asymptomatic with Covid19… He kills an takes no responsibility…..

Zuckerberg kicked me off face book, because he can’t take the truth about his new imaginary friend he talks to in his head, his new BFF god, mans god, the only god, that man made up….

So Zuckerberg expects to be forgiven for stealing native Hawaiians land an telling you that if he stops Trump he will lose the business he stole from his buddies in college….

Trump is a full blown christian crook, he has raped, more than once, he has stolen thousand of times an truth, truth would melt the mans face if truth ever left his lips….

Twitter an FB both kicked me off because I told the truth…

A rare creature that tells the truth anymore…Lies are so easy for faith believers, easy way home to their god…follow the lies….

Your voice is your vote…


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