Why Do You Lie???

Do you lie to protect someone or yourself???

We were told lies recently…. Do you know that lying stems from religion because of its conflicting an contradictory messages????

I told everyone I know for the last 40 plus years….

The dumbest thing you can do, lie to me…. I always catch you telling them…. Why….

I never forget, you do… most don’t remember the lie, because of its convenience at that moment in time….

Remember…. I’m not you, I always remember….. so much for neuro having a clue, its definitely a form of edetic memory, no doubt…duh…

So next time a lie leaves your lips, ask yourself, who is the lie serving??? You or your god you hide behind…. Trump could take that lesson if he was capable of growing….he is not, he is a christian…

I remember Margie…..

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