When Death Enters my World….

De ja Vu… a creepy kind of feeling….

Did you know that most psychic’s… just use good old fashion eyes and ears, to do their business…. it’s called reading people… and there are many on this planet very capable of reading people… do they get it right all the time… nope, but they learn quickly and find a word or movement to divert from the truth… I love watching that dude that debunks these people who take from the less informed…. Houdini was like that, did you know that??? He disliked seances…. did I spell that right… geez, blurred vision today…

Death for me is much more than just dying… Having been down that path twice… both experiences identical… that’s why when the Dr. Oz brings on the ones that saw angels, and family… I laugh and know the truth…. they didn’t die…

I did… it’s dark and silent and empty…. to this day, I can’t tell you what brought me back… the first time, doubt they knew CPR, so dumb luck probably… the 2nd time… more people were involved and my left side of my rib cage hurts and I have no memory of injuring those ribs… so ….. you speculate….

What I have and do is not a talent, or a gift or a curse… it’s just what the planet gave me… 26 years of marriage, when I tell hubby, we just wait… you ask how many times I’ve been wrong… hubby will tell you… zero…

So for me, death is not about the darkness or the silence… It’s about the loss of life that could have been prevented…. If they had only listened…..

This ability carries great sadness and always will, as long as I have people in my life…..

Now you understand why moving is such a conumdrum for me….

I don’t make friends easily, nor do I welcome people into my world easily…. you ask to much of me and give me nothing in return but lip service…. just to use the other abilities I have…

No, this coming back from what ever is happening to my brain, brings me full circle to the child that left home, not knowing as she walked away, she had already lost who she was… not anymore…

Welcome home Margie….. I remember…..

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