Oh Geez😂😂😂😇

3 of the bangers I yelled at…just went back by as quiet as the DEAD…..

Now can I keep it up, no, the flap is blown an my voice will become silent…its part of the disease I live with because christians strangled me to death, thanks mommy an beat me to death, thanks daddy….

At some point, my voice will be no more… So much damage to a child’s body, the adult is learning, life gives an takes an my body is taking my voice… we got a hint of that when I yelled this morning, something I avoid, straining my vocal chords… test was done in Arkansas…

I don’t fear my voice being taken… just my freedoms because christians can’t live with the choices they make an want us all to conform to their imaginary sins that are really crimes….

I have my pen… that will never be silenced….

I remember Margie…. Sgt USAF DAV

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