Let It Be FREE…..

Spent my day going through all my craft stuff…

Ever do polymer clay??? Found I have a talent for sculpture….. Did a few fairy things an some faces an other things…. only one problem… My hands an arms revolted…so this hobby was expensive, short lived an fun…so now what do I do with a few hundred dollars of clay supplies????

Habitat for Humanity… our go to place for donations, even though we don’t get a tax write off… Got a couple years of those receipts…..

Now working my way through my sewing…. All my jewelry making I am keeping, thats a hobby I can still do as well as sewing, so, not much from that will go, but some will…..

I figure by the time I see the surgeon in a couple weeks, we will be ready to expand our fencing an I will have donated all I can an the rest goes in my office till we sell this house, no more company thanks to pandemic…

Its all about staying busy, decide what direction I want to go, see if hubby is on board an live… …. its about time…

Most of the craft being donated was being saved for my artist granddaughters… we are finding, our part in their lives is more on the outside looking in… Happens when things are not honest between you… such is life…. to be close, truth has to be part of the relationships…. we are finding that not to be, and again, that is not our choice… These are choices they have to live with… its their time….

Hubby digging for more junk for me to unpack…AC on all afternoon, our summer is here an my prison, just got smaller… Hope its not a long season, but I doubt it….

As my body learns to deal with all the injuries, my brain is winding down on the daily confab in my head… the past is starting to slumber, the brain has awoken… Time to live an work on the book….


Margie, I Remember…..

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