Is the Internet Broken or just the Platforms owners???

Quick note before my day gets hot and sweaty, pretty picture huh…

What happened???

All of a sudden, you can search for Adorable Spite and find her???

Wasn’t that way a month ago….

Who got wet panties and decided, moderators are not gods, but have been playing gods and censoring Americans for years…..I know… I’m one of the people they censored and all of a sudden… the numbers for the blog climb and so far seem to keep climbing… geez… and I thought no one cared… (Sarcasm)…. just a FYI…

Anyhow, the number of followers is hidden, privacy is always best, unless you are pissed off like me….

Wonder if twitter unblocked or reinstated Adorable Spite??? No clue, don’t have their apps or programs on any devices… after they kicked me off… SO I blocked them and yes you can do that… if you just google the question…

Anyhow…. it will be interesting to see where the blog goes… all credit has been pulled… haven’t been impressed with censorship yet, so why would I pay for it???? Christians do…..

Have a great day, it’s nice seeing the different countries that were reading me come back… especially France… me and Davy Crockett share the same granpa… he was Frenchy….. lol


I remember… Margie…

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