I hear your beat… Why do you enter my world???

I lay me down to sleep I ask the night for peace, an I hear your beat….

I toss an turn looking for that slumber an, I hear your beat….

Slumber arrives upon the waves that are crashing an, I hear your beat….

Out of the darkness an into my dreams the reminder of boom boom BOOM, an I hear your beat…

I awake soaked thru, my heart thrashing thru my chest, an I hear your beat…..

Being shot at or have RPGs go off near you, is terrifying in its self… I was on Japan as a federal employee, my first taste of what combat veterans experience.. I had nightmares for weeks after that incident in base housing….

I get everyone has rights, but why Hawaii do you enter my Ohana and disrespect it??? Why do you dishonor my service??? Most of all, what happened to Aloha an Kapunas???

Bigotry is a choice, I am vocal as one against all religion, brain washing at its best, and the result is what we live in a culture invaded by the white mans gods….

Margie, I remember….

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