Do I have to Explain Myself???

Should I??? Do I have a reason too??? Am I looking at the problem from all aspects???

The answer to those questions is yes….

People who have never walked through life fully, never get it, until they hit that final stop, called death…. as much as the religious would like you to believe that tomorrow is promised, if you believe, it is just another way of using reverse psychology on you… indoctrination… that’s all it is…

To many times in the last few years, people have done what they always do to me… ask for my help in solving some kind of problem, they created…. why do they ask me… because they watched me in action and know… but when I put the truth before them, oh lordy, it didn’t take long for them to slam the door in my face… so anymore, I got nothing to lose by being honest…. an you don’t like that…. Why???

Because you aren’t honest with yourself… that is why people have religion, addictions and mental illness…. 2 of those roads I’ve been down… thanks to christians….

I wanted to be heard and when they started listening, I became a liability…. which definitely took a whole lot of drama out of my life…. Death does that too ya… you go for broke and either they are with ya or against ya….

And if they aren’t with ya, well, toxic relationships come in all sizes and sex’s… all settings…. people have to want to grow and right now, everyone is so afraid of their shadow they would rather be know it all’s… like the rioters are doing… really no difference in my relationships… which in all reality have never been, not even with my children… that ability was taken away from me by christians… I don’t play games… and anymore, that’s all anyone does… because honesty got lost along the way, so they cheat through life…

No, my explanation will never be understood, because it has value to only one person….


Margie…. I remember…..

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