Bangers are like christians…

So far since 5AM, we have had five bangers on their way to the cliffs…

Sure Hawaii is land of Aloha…

Maybe in their dreams or Elvis movies, but reality, they are just as rude an vulgar as the demonstrators on the mainland over Floyds death…

People who pick up mans, man made god, will invariably behave the way the demonstrators are… arrogant an mentally ill…. their is a cure…

But I would go to jail for putting my foot up stupids ass…an their be a whole lot of stupid, hiding behind a god for sins, that are actually crimes… They won’t like jail so they ask their man made god to forgive them…….but

Will you, after they sold their souls to keep secrets, only their god can forgive😳😂😈😇…an laws would punish… funny how god does not punish, but humans do….

Yep, you can’t fix stupid it has to want to fix itself an that will never happen when they get a free ride in society worshipping idols instead of going to jail…

Yep mans god is a free ride to do your worse to who ever you want an think you been forgiven by your imaginary friend….

NOW that is the true definition if insanity….

Your voice, your vote… be heard….

Sgt USAF DAV I remember Margie….

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