UH…I think the GOP “F” Upped……

Watching the demonstration against the police an establishment… Can you blame them????

Not my idea of protest, I use the courts, its slow, but I don’t harm my neighborhood in the process….

But, Has anyone realized the GOP screwed up when they could have impeached the rapist????

Talk about a book, not even King or Grisham could come up with the arrogance an total disregard the GOP has had for America……

It’s like watching the Marx brothers or three stooges in the white house… an guess what….

WE all get to pay for that arrogance that was purely about taking women’s reproductive rights, because some yahoo lied about abortion…. now that is christians true behavior…. LIE…

I hoped when Trump got elected this would be the demise of the GOP, Christians an cons like Trump….

I got my wish… Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me… I got my wish….

Sgt USAF DAV I remember Margie…. Hope is my mantra, it never disappoints….

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