Ring Device Trolls😂

Honest, goofy devices are good… Good sound an video, good two way communication an, they make it convenient to post to the hood of any issues, missing pets, robbery, etc….

One problem with here, not every property has an address, so you have to give cross streets an description….

Well someone didn’t like my post about the recent robbery, because I gave no address🙊🙉🙈….just the location an cross street….🤯

Uh, you can tell when newbies move to the hood… so of course my comment back was sarcastic an as informative as I thought the assholes should know….

REALLY, I tell ya beware an you bitch…. No wonder I don’t miss FB or Twitter….

Next robbery, I got no clue, smart ass can be neighborhood watch🤡😂😈… Sure we are ALL in this together… FU yesterday an troll today… yep made me laugh… thanks…..


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