My Banger Fantasy😌☺️

Today, AC has been on after we moved office furniture…. an my lil buddy from yesterday that thanked my Aloha with a FU…. has been buzzing the house, an all we get…. a muffled buzz sound with vibration…

Vibration we will take, we ache all over… but the Hawaiian Aloha FU, is getting a little old….

But… my fantasy, sorry I digress…..

Car driving down road, going Boom boom boom an all of a sudden you see the hood blow off, next is the trunk, followed by car doors an the car getting even ejecting the lil beggars as they drives by….

Okay so warped is understatement…. But being up since 2:45AM because of the fuckers, tells ya, Aloha is a full blown joke….

Have a nice evening, we are done for our day… Stay safe…

Aloha…lol to funny, another con….

I remember Margie…

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