Free speech is for the ones who can BUY IT!!!edited

Well, well, well…. So ya’ll pissed off number one viper Trump an censored the bigot…. Lol after Twitter an Face Book shutting this atheist down it was obvious the christians are hell bent into turning American Women into sex slaves….

Doubt me??? Oh sweetie what you believe doesn’t matter, its what these pasty bastards can buy, so they own you….

Christians have been buying silence for centuries… can’t you tell??? Look at all the children Christians locked up at the border!!!

CHILDREN!! locked up like animals at a shelter…. CHRISTIANS DID THIS an you think you are safe???

So did your Jesus an we all know how that ended….. or at least how the man made written bible says….

Life is about choices an control an greed an dominance….That is the christian mode of operation…..

Sgt USAF DAV the rapture is here an its name is Trump….

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