VA Death Care Hits Home….

Just got a call that my doctor is no longer authorized to order my meds from the VA….

No big deal on the pain an cholesterol drugs, those are cheap…. my other med is $450 a month…. we don’t have that kind of money….

Sure Trump an GOP care about veterans!!!! They cancel our outside care Obama got us an they cut funding an staff at the VA an then THEY EXPERIMENT ON US FOR COVID!!!!!!!!


The one drug that is so expensive, lets me breathe…. pure an simple, it keeps me alive….. an helps fight the COVID virus…

Thank you Trump an evangelicals…. you got what you wanted…. lots of dead Americans, just so you could own women’s reproductive rights……

Panicked, no… Ive been doing my deep breathing exercises an I have 6 inhalers an a refill, that the VA has to fill an by January…, I will be out an learning to breath without assistance ….

An you tell me Trump has supporters???? They must be Russians planted here during Reagan-tenure….

Something may work out, but I’m done with the VA here an everywhere …. breathing is overrated…… maybe Trumpie an his evangelicals will get a taste of that with covid…an I mean that with all I am….

Sgt USAF DAV, Keaau, Hawaii

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