Trumpism will NOT defeat this Veteran!!!

Moving to Hawaii, everyone’s dream… mine too and when I contacted the VA at Hilo and got rude, vulgar behavior… I tried using my medicare… when that didn’t work out… hubby got Sen Shatz’s office involved and at some point I got Tri-west… Which I was told by Tri-west wasn’t in affect after May of 2019… which is why I used my medicare to have my eyes operated on… an a couple thousand later… I’m told Tri-west is involved with my VA care….

Today the Oahu VA pharmacy called an told me to contact Tri-west and need I say, I went off…. I mean, really Do I Need To Tell YOU!!!! of course I went off…. tell one lie and it gets busted by a different organization…. I lost control… the woman would not shut up an let me talk, so I finally just said shut up…. then I proceeded to tell her I was done with VA death care and I know she didn’t have a clue about the lie I was told by Tri-west employee last year………………

Tears and lots of them in the shower… at least that way… my sinus won’t plug up and give me a major headache because of corrupt government employees!!!!!!!!

Hubby knows… I won’t take any more calls from the VA health care system, except the dental department… anyone else…. wouldn’t like what would come out of my mouth… I’m that over the corruption and now you get why it was so easy for them to use veterans to experiment on for Covid19… and they will get away with it… because….

None of you care… but now your lives are at risk and I guess you want me to care??? that got a giggle out of me… not in this life time kiddos…..

I’m not in a rock or hard place… I just can’t afford the expensive inhaler that helps my lungs work… remember, my rib cage was that of a 65 year old woman, when I was 25 years old, imagine how bad it is now that I am 66… all from being beaten by christians… so it takes a lot of effort to expand my lungs, when my rib cage is so heavily calcified…. COPD is some of the issue, but the rib cage is my killer in the end… all because christians beat upon a child…. just wow…

If I use the inhaler at a lower dosage… with what I have left… I might be able to stretch them out to a year, instead of 6 to 9 months… it’s a gamble the lower dosage might work, but in reality, I’m on the lowest dosage now, so not sure taking one less puff, will allow the lungs to do their job… won’t know till I try and the ER isn’t far and that is one bill the VA would get stuck with…

Take away our care, force people out of their homes and take away health coverage… yep our ER’s are going to be rocking and we are going back to the 1990’s Reagan years….

Hold onto your ass kids… the ride is just starting an the few bumps we hit, is nothing compared to what is coming…..

Time for a bowl and down time….

Sgt. USAF DAV, Keaau, Hawaii where VA death care is a fact….

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