SBA… hmmm Me a business owner??? update…

Our daughter called…. the small business restaurant she managed is closed and being sold, because of the Pandemic….

I had spent some time thinking about that little business back home, let the thoughts wonder to being a small business owner and said, you got no clue how to do the job… but hubby does… the family business is all gone, but one and he was involved…. but how would we do a SBA during a pandemic???

VA… you are talking drawing up a business plan, providing lots of paperwork and most of all… have the courage to fail…. Wow!!!

This is going to take some thinking, but do I have time to think??? And can a business in the hospitality trade survive in this current market???

Again, lots to think about….

First see the surgeon and see what he thinks about my allergy list that is growing… go figure I’m allergic to man made materials…. but not nature…. lol, now that is funny…. explains my reactions to sythetic drugs….

So, getting the SBA loan is not an issue… I’m 100% DAV… we special… one of the few areas of government, where being a disabled veteran has it’s benefits… if you know how to use the system….

Talk with hubby… see if this is something we want to get involved with… we know it will save jobs and the seller, might being willing to do a silent partnership… were, we be the silent and major owner… again… food for thought…

Scary to put our good credit out there, before we buy our final home…. I would prefer home bought first, then jump into business… but that won’t save jobs or help the economy back home…. that just gave me goose bumps or chicken skin as they say on Hawaii….

Time to work, lots to think about….


I remember… Margie… Sgt. USAF DAV

When fortune smiles, you smile back… the kids business sold… so they are on to another adventure as are we…

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