Forced to make Hawaii home…

After the 2008 crash and I went crazy and bought 2 houses…. we struggled to stay afloat on our income and cost of renters trashing our properties…

2020, I’m not so interested in going for that 2nd house again… this time, it’s scary… and only because the GOP is hell bent on kicking us off our Social Security and Veteran’s benefits… I mean hell, they are experimenting on us as I speak because of the number 1 yahoo in America…. genius Trumpie….

Sorry I digress… little ticked and adjusting to our new normal… so yep, the pandemic is impacting us… should have never spoken ill of that fact the other day…. oh well, another bite mark on my ass, it can join the others….

Since Hawaii is going to be home for the next couple of years, we are cleaning out our storage sheds we bought….. so….

I reached out to our daughter who has friends here on Hawaii, she did live here… so we told her to let her friends know, we have a couple of beds to give away… queen and double… both quality… not doing us any good in the shed and not helping anyone…. they have been wrapped in plastic since our last visitor, 2 years ago…. an we aren’t having anymore company before we move…. an hurricane season, we take the risk of things getting soaked in the sheds… which wouldn’t help anyone… so we get rid of what we can’t use and this house is so small…. Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, Salvation Army and the local dump… that collects for the needy, will be getting a few truck loads…

Time to clean house…… or sheds…

Already figuring out my office after we get done with the new fan and painting… takes us time, plus, we still have to go to the other side and pick our order up…. which I so hope, keeps us from having to do AC… but doubtful…

So yep, we are in living mode… making this house function fully for us… the limbo game is over and we lost… the world’s headaches won….

Now we get to run in place…. still no bangers… I’m shocked….


I remember… Margie… Sgt. USAF

Whoopee, I get to set my electric piano up….

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