Death knocked next door….

When you are home bound and you spend 95% of your time at home…. and in your neighborhood… you get to know it and you pay attention… especially when crime hits within a year of moving here…

Last night a robbery happened and it didn’t….

You see the house where the domestic violence took place, is empty, the renters have moved on…. an sitting in the driveway, on the patio was a washer and dryer… well, were, until sometime after 5PM last night… they be gone now… but not so much as theft….

After hubby called the police and reported the possible theft, they found the owner and he (landlord) said some renters left the washer and dryer years ago an he wasn’t out any money… but… the fact people were on the property that shouldn’t have been, was a concern… good to know, he’s concerned… my eyes just rolled….

What the police told hubby, when all the calls back and forth were done, took my knees out from under me… and I’m still breathing… this person isn’t….

By process of elimination, we think we know who took their own life at that house… sometime between the holidays and just after the 1st of the year… the person died at their own hands…. domestic violence rarely ends well, for anyone….

We have been watching the slow degradation of the people here on the islands… which is why we are ready to leave… been on the islands before when they don’t get their way, never a pretty picture or safe environment… especially if you look different from them…

an African American’s think they are the only ones ever discriminated aginst… lol… faced that reality on Japan in 1968, we were spit on…. yep… I was a kid…

Having a great grandma that is 100% Asian and I look 100% European… can’t win…. but, a life has been lost, because of that culture of silence among the asians…. little solace in that thought…

My mom always said we had indian… she was right… just not Native America… East Asian Indian….

This is one blog post, I won’t have to read again….


I remember… Margie…

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