Ummmm a good memory…

When you make memories, they are usually about something that struck you as odd, amusing or terrifying… and some of us, like me… never seem to stop recording and that brought to mind a memory of not so long ago… one we call…..


Hubby and I see 26 years together very soon, a granddaughter was born on that day and she will turn 24… just wow on how fast they have become adults… but do they act it??? If they do, I’m already sad…. because I rarely act it… adult that is… very true story…. we laugh alot….

The ummm memory starts out with a text, can I call you, and of course I said yes and the person wanted us both present for the call….

At the time we had the hotspot with AT&T and the reception was awful, so we had to stand next to an open window to get reception… so, already, we are uncomfortable, but we take the call and what goes down next… still makes us laugh… wonder if they still are???….

She goes, “granma, I’m pregnant”…. and for what seemed an eternity, which was only a couple seconds we responded…….

“UMMMMMMM” and that is all we could say, for about a full minute, as we struggled to get our chins off the floor… I kid you not…. because the person that told us she was preggers…. was the LAST Grandchild we expected to hear that from…… true story…

What is so important about that memory…. first, it makes us laugh every time we bring it up, because if you could have seen our expressions, you would have had tears streaming down your face, we did…..

It’s new memories… pushing the old aside, and forming new healthy memories and it also shows… that my memory ability is a lot more complicated than the neuro knows… or imagines… (that made me smile)….

What ever happens with the stenosis, it has some kind of impact on my fatigue, memory and cognitive abilities and I say that with certainty…. I can feel it happen… and I’m truly learning to pay close attention to how I move my neck, now that it’s back in place… those specific exercises get done twice daily, they are helping the muscles in my neck hold it in place, since the bone is disentegrated….. it does amaze me it’s not off the chart pain… I think the nerve damage is so advance, the pain I do feel, is the muscle and all that junk struggling to keep my head in place…. it’s very fatiguing, but if the pain backs off, I can deal with the fatigue…

So I’m looking forward to neuro and what he has to say about all the MRI’s that were done and I expect to have another MRI, because of the other symptoms that go with part of the diagnosis he has yet to give me, but it will come… after all this time… I fit the full profile for Stenosis with myelopathy…. finally, something, that actually fits every symptom, yea….

Got the tape up, ready to take fan down after we go to the other side an pick up our new ones… ready to paint and hopefully by that time, we’ll know if the dental is being done on anything I need… I’m not holding my breath… so, wearing a mask, just means, no one knows if I gots teeth or not… so pandemic, one little bright spot??? Okay, morbid… or sarcasm??? Ummm…

I remember… Margie… Sgt. USAF DAV

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