Vegetarian is just another name for….

Lousy hunter, per my hubby with Viking an Native American in his veins….

We were just discussing if either of us could kill an animal, skin it, quarter it an me cook it an we eat it???

Needless to say, we would starve until our garden got grown or I have some MREs that last forever on the shelf… Either way, we would end up Vegetarian……

Uh, Kabalsa dogs, chili, fries, burgers an more fries with a touch of bacon…. Thats my weekend menu, with barbecue chicken on Memorial day…..

That being said… Thank you front line workers, at the plants fixing above meat, at the register, post office an doctors an nurses, EMS, Fire, Police an all essential workers, most of all my fellow vets…..

Have a safe Memorial day, this is one, we will all remember….

Sgt USAF DAV I remember Margie….

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