FYI RING Sucks😏🤨

Went to bed, an within minutes a banger drives by, banging so loud the windows of our house vibrated….BUT!!!

When I check the RING, oh it gets the vehicle…but, these cameras are designed for normal movement an not moving vehicles, so, imagine recording video while driving an you hear that sound of woosh go by, same with the RING… it’s not designed for fast recording of motion or sound….

I imagine if I downloaded the clip, put it in my video editing software, I could get the banger in action😳😏😈… again, but…

I don’t want to learn this app, why would I go thru that hassle just to post a banger on the net???? Not happening😂😂😂…

One of these days the yahoos will provide me with the perfect opportunity or not… Life has its own way of getting even, without prejudice like christians….

So wait I will…an that rooster started at 4AM…That RING alarm on the two floodlights is definitive to have a malfunction in the dead of the night(s)……😈😈😈😇😇

Happy Saturday….. I Remember Margie….

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