Bullies come in all forms, Bangers on Hawaii….

Yesterday it was fifteen rigs at ALL hours, with BOOM BOOM BOOM?!!!

Bullies come in all forms and on Hawaii, it is all ages doing the, BOOM BOOM BOOM….

I could dig out my fancy camera, but without a good microphone, sound just isn’t the same…

Just picture 2AM, sound to sleep and a mile away you hear artificial sound of BOOM!!! BOOM!!!! BOOM!!!! and your windows start to rattle!!! Ever have RPGs go off after someone threw them at you??? Been there done that, an this is how Hawaii treats veterans, tax payers and citizens…. by allowing….

BOOM BOOM BOOM to come out of vehicles….at all hours with no regards to our rights, just the bullies rights….

Land of Aloha is a marketing ploy… Save your money an go some place, where you aren’t surrounded by homeless, noise makers an bullies….

Aloha only exists in Elvis movies…..

I remember Margie Sgt USAF DAV an so far, over 40 bangers on Makuu street this weekend, not that I’m counting😏😏🤨….. Happy Memorial day…..🤬🤬🤬may the Swartz blow up the sound systems…..know the movie???lol

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