5 active COVID cases on big island…

and… Trumpie says it is going to go poof, just like Rape????

If our cases are going up, and we are warm year round???

POOF it’s disappearing, just like Trumpie said it would…. NOT!!!!

If our cases are climbing on Hawaii, grab your ass mainland, you are in for one hell of a ride…. an with our family doing what they are doing…

WE expect the virus to impact them…..

AGAIN….. NO VISITORS to our home on the big island of Hawaii… Stay away, we love you, but we can not fight against your germs…..

A steady increase in active cases 3 days in a row, does not bode well for the yahoos here, which we documented the lack of sheltering in-place….

The big island of Hawaii, may have just become a scary place to live, because you cant’t fix stupid, stupid has to get head out of ass…. too many Trumpites…..


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